Maribel Mercado

Ms. Maribel Mercado was born in Ponce, Puerto Rico and came to The Bronx, New York at the age of 14. She is a working mother of two children, a 23 year old Jasmin Rodriguez who and Mason Acosta who is 7 years old.  Growing up in Puerto Rico, enabled Maribel to learn the culture, the language and the music.  Maribel is a Community Activist and is a Certified Event Planner.  She
has worked with many other organizations such as NYPD, Hip Hop Parade, Community Board 9, just to name a few. Maribel does feel a great need to help others and is driven by that desire.  She started with the parade in 2006, she got her daughter Jasmin into
the pageants for the parade.  Jasmin won, 1st place for Fashion, 2nd Place for Talent and won the Crown for the Parade that year.  Maribel then got involved in the pageants and other events of the parade and became a Board Member, she has been with the Parade ever since.  Maribel became the President of the Bronx in 2019. Life is a Parade for Maribel, she describes the parade as her passion, and envisions herself celebrating the culture with music, laughter, and the people.